Ted the Labradoodle

Ted is my pet dog, he is 1 and a half years old and he is half Poodle half Labradoodle. He is a lot smaller than the average Labradoodle but he is the perfect size for me. He is extremely loveable and also very mischievous, he also makes me very happy. I didn’t think it was possible to love a dog so much, but when you come home from being out a couple of hours he gives you a very warm welcome with a lot of licks and excitement.

Ted loves to be out on walks 24/7 and he never seems to get tired, so far, he has been on two holidays to the lakes so that he can enjoy nice long walks up hills and mountains and also play in the lake as he loves to swim. Ted loves to get muddy at any chance he can and he will not think twice about running into loads of mud, however, he hates baths so it is very hard to get him clean after!

Recently my sister has had a baby named Theo and Ted gets very jealous of Theo but he still likes to protect him. Whenever Theo comes over Ted goes in a mood and has to make sure that there is enough room for him to squeeze in right next to you for cuddles or else he feels left out. He absolutely loves soft toys they are his favourite thing so as soon as he gets a new one he is entertained for hours!


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