Mud Monster

Last week we took Ted to Low Force and High Force waterfalls, it was a very long walk and he absolutely loved it. He went crazy as soon as we stopped the car to get out because he was so excited. We had wellies on so that we could walk up the river whilst he played and it was so much fun, however we walked past a very muddy section which Ted dove straight into and came out dark brown instead on white, he was literally covered in mud from head to toe but he was happy so we were too.

We then found a nice deep part of the river which Ted was able to go for a swim in, which also helped wash off the mud, we threw his ball so he could swim and get it and he loved it. We were out for about 5 hours walking and when we were on our way back to the car it started thundering and lightning! We were drenched but it was still a lot of fun. When we made it back to the car Ted was straight to sleep and slept the whole journey home.